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Hero Hero-Pedigree

Bay Dai 7 Hero 5856 FB 11978 (Recessive Clean, SCD VV, Tenderness 7, Exon 5 CC)

Hero has a unique concentration of blood from the famous Japanese Wagyu bull, Dai 7 Itozakura. In six generations, Hero has fourteen (14) crosses to Dai 7, who is listed by author Kenichi Ono as the second most important of the modern day Wagyu in Japan. This powerful Fujiyoshi pedigree is an outcross to the popular Tajima bloodlines. Note the paternal side of the pedigree has two crosses to the “Aino” family (known for exceptional carcass quality) and also includes Itoshigefuji (frame and growth sire).

The maternal pedigree has the famous Takeda herd sires, Terutani and Itomichi. The fifth maternal dam, Ezokintau was a Japanese Champion show cow. Hero’s dam, Hoshi, stayed in our herd to over 17 years of age. Our Hero offspring have his perfect temperament and fulfill the promise of his pedigree for growth and maternal traits. We are excited about the harvest of our first six “Hero” steers. He makes full blood 1000 pound hot hanging weight carcasses that grade prime plus @ 27 months. Use Hero for high quality, outcross genetics in a tested recessive clean package. Semen is available ($30.00 US FOB Hawkeye Breeders) and can be shipped directly from Hawkeye Breeders in Iowa, USA or from PrismaGen, Germany. Click here for more information.

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