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Macho Macho Pedigree

Bay Ito Macho 177 FB22028 (Recessive Clean, SCD AA, Tenderness 10, Exon 5 CC)

MFC Itomoritaka 0-41 (002 son) X Misami's Itoshigefugi’s (TF147) daughter

Start with a three generation sire stack of the greatest marbling bulls to ever leave Japan, 068, Michifuku and Itoshigenami. Add in a powerful dam by Itoshigefuji (TF147) for growth and frame and top the pedigree off with a son of the breed leading maternal traits sire, Itomoritaka (002). Finally, a grandson of Misami whose marbling MVP was 1.01 and a great-grand son of Misako whose marbling MVP was 1.03. The exciting result is a tested recessive clean young super sire with a AA-10 score for SCD and tenderness.

A research paper featured in the October 2014 issue of Animal Frontiers provides some additional insight into how the genetic makeup of an animal such as Macho can lead to excellent marbling (specifically p. 51, Growth Hormone paragraph) - Click here to read the article (Gotoh, Takahashi, Nishimura, Kuchida, & Mannen, 2014).


(EU qualified) (CSS Semen)

Birth weight 65 lbs. Yearling Weight 965 lbs.

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