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Minako Minako

Bay Minako 83-ET FB12430 (Recessive Clean, SCD AA, Tenderness 7)

Hirashigetayasu X Misako

Minako 83 by Hirashigetayasu (001) and from Misako, is a Tajima-Kedaka mating that shows balanced breeding. She has been bred to transmit carcass quality of her maternal genes and muscle and growth from her paternal side. Minako 83 was flushed in 2014 with more than a dozen embryos sold to Germany. Minako has calved with a beautiful daughter by Itomichi 1-2 and continues to make embryos in our donor program. A recently harvested Hero steer from Minako dressed out a beautiful 1046 pound carcass at 27 months.

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