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Misami Misami Pedigree

Misami FB7968

Itoshigenami X Misako

Misami is a daughter of Misako, the Michifuku genomic giant. Her sire is TF148 Itoshigenami, the son of Shigeshigenami, considered one of the all-time great bulls from Japan. Misami’s 1.01 marbling MVP from Pfizer is close behind her dam, Misako and one of the breeds best for this genomic test. Misami has a 068 son heading a herd in Alabama and numerous ET daughters in the U.S. and Germany. She is recessive clean and has two Itomichi 1/2 daughters at Baycroft. Recent Australian data shows that Michifuku ranks #1 for marbling and Itoshigenami ranks #2. Misami is that golden cross of breed leaders.

Bay Itomichi

Bay Itomichi 1-2 Mi 171-ET FB20097 (Recessive Clean, SCD VA, Tenderness 7)

Misami’s daughter Mi now owned by Dave Barney, 6 T’s Ranch, Reedsburg, WI

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