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Takuma Takuma Pedigree

Takuma FB7702 (Recessive Clean, SCD AA, Tenderness 5)

Takuma is a son of Misako, the breed genomic leader for marbling. Through her, Takuma carries the blood of the foundation Wagyu sires, Michifuku and JVP Fukutsuro 068. TF Terutani, Takuma’s sire, is popular in Australia but has limited offspring in the United States. Terutani is the top-rated Wagyu sire for calving ease and carries high values for rib eye size. Terutani has had a recent resurgence in popularity. Takuma is a great bull to use for calving ease in a fullblood or crossbreeding program. High quality semen is available from Baycroft Farms. Click here to contact us for more information. The price of semen is $15.00 US/unit with volume discounts available. Baycroft Farms has been able to export Takuma semen to several countries in South America through International Protein Sires and their extensive distributor network. Takuma semen does not qualify for EU shipment, but you can order embryos that do qualify.

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